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APIs are complicated but essential. Find out how API-first companies are slowly building the infrastructure of the internet one API call at a time.

What’s ‘Explore More’?

‘Explore More’ are essays that I write about interesting companies and topics in the API space. These pieces can fall into 3 categories:

  1. Companies/Topics I am interested in and decide to write about as an independent source outside of any input from them.

  2. Companies that choose to partner with me because I am interested in writing about the company. These companies contribute input and feedback, but not any financial incentives.

  3. Companies that choose to partner with me to sponsor a ‘Explore More’ essay. These companies will offer me most commonly equity (but also other financial compensation) to write about them. To be considered, these need to be companies I actually want to write about, be API-first, and they must allow me the creative freedom to write in my own personal style/tone.

Who can sponsor The API Economy?

I’ll only allow high-integrity companies to be associated with The API Economy. This means I’ll say no to people much more often than I’ll say yes, but that’s because the #1 principle in the writings is quality > everything. If a post is sponsored, it will be mentioned at the top of any writing.

Sponsors can promote themselves in exchange for equity (preferable) or other financial incentives. To inquire about sponsoring, please reach out to me on Twitter.

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