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The API Economy is a place that aims to bridge the gap between deep technical understanding of abstract concepts and turn them into explanations we all can digest (without being watered down). From APIs to crypto to new & exciting startup ideas, The API Economy takes the complex and distills it down to a high-level breakdown anyone can learn from.

Who are you?

I, Peter Schroeder, am a lifelong technologist & innovation enthusiast. Ever since a young age, I just wanted to understand how things work. This curiosity has led me down a road of physically and metaphorically taking things apart and putting them back together, which is the aim of The API Economy.

A young Peter playing Pablo Sanchez in Backyard Baseball.

The road that led me here includes starting a company in college, watching that company fail, working across high-growth SaaS companies for 10 years, and more recently, working to grow USDC (the 4th largest cryptocurrency) at one of the most exciting companies in the world.

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This is a newsletter that aims to explore the most interesting things happening in the world of tech. When seismic shifts happen across companies & industries, this newsletter gives me the latitude to move in the direction that matters most.

Fun to read!

— Zachary Perret, CEO and founder of Plaid

So, how often do we publish?

Monthly-ish. Life is hard; good writing is harder. But hopefully, it’s all worth it. Newsletters will be published when they are interesting through and through and not a moment sooner.

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